logo.jpg Yes that’s thrash!!

So today i am going to talk about a band which hails from the land of Gods – Athens (Greece); SPEEDRUSH  is a 5 man thrash band which was formed way back in 2005. The bands soul purpose is to cater to the need to thrash.

ENDLESS WAR  is the bands debut album. Its total run time sums up to around 40 minutes. Dedicated to the warfare, The album contains nothing less than massively destructive  10 war anthems. The album was released in December 2016 via  Eat Metal Records.

cover The album cover is nothing less than a beauty. It depicts assault in a very brutally yet honest fashion. The artwork is done by by legendary illustrator Philip Lawvere.

The tracks are bound to take you by surprise. They have substance, that much needed intensity and are full on power. Like a forest fire the tracks will have a ever lasting impact. The tacks will take you to back in time of 90’s thrash, where music was all about intensity an rawness.  The variations which the band has incorporated in their playing style is very synchronized and under goes a smooth transition. It doesn’t sound off beat at all.

The track (not actually a track though) it something special to look forward for apart from what all i mentioned above. It has an element of truth in it.

The band has already shaken the roots of the underground scene and now it is time that they get our attention (which they totally deserve). It’s their time to rip the very roots of main stream scene now. If you had a bad day , then venting out that frustration with the album being played in the backdrop will be a very sweet thing to do!

Don’t miss out on this fresh sounding thrash.

Hit the box below to purchase/stream the album :



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