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Chiral is an Italian one-man band, from the countryside near Piacenza, set up at the end of 2013. During Fall 2016, passing through 2 demos, 2 split albums, 1 EP and 2 full-lengths, Chiral released his new record, offering his new personal approach to black metal -in the Italian way-.

Fall of 2016 saw the release of Gazing Light Eternity, Chiral’s third long-awaited full-length album. Gazing Light Eternity is introduced as the natural consequence of Chiral’s previous work, Night Sky.

This new record consists of 4 massive tracks. Tracks which make your bone shiver. The record is polished work of art with tight production. The lyrical theme revolves around pain , death , love , solitude and nature . Music is dark & mystical with deep meaning. Track one has blistering guitar solo which is quite unusual for a post atmospheric record. It is a kind of solo which you would expect in other genres of metal music.  Tracks are sometimes aggressive and have a dreamy texture attached to it. It is supernatural performance. The draconian instrumentation is something to look for. Tracks will make you con template and the synth work will weave a mysterious aura while you do so.


However, track no. 2 of the album is quite gentle and is in total contrast to the other three tracks. It is a conversation b/w two strangers and the melody played in the background makes the track as a whole more beautiful & full of suspense.

It is for the fans of agalloch , burzum, ulver, nogura bunget.

Tracks structures are simple yet catching that the dark melody used will take you away with it when it is in its 1st minute only. It is a lake of fresh water hidden deep within the forest. Those who find it are the privileged ones. The whole album is chimerical. This one man project will leave wondering  and will make you travel the dark side. So, hold your everything in abeyance for a while and give this album a listen.

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