HEREM is 5 piece stoner doom metal band from Finland. The band has 2 demo’s & 2 full length album under their belt. “III” yes that is the title for the band’s 3rd full length album which was released in October ’16.  It is never too late to write about albums of such class. I believe this album is a sequel to the previous album “II” released by them.

Concoction of Stoner Doom! Yes this album proves it. The band is slowly perfecting the art of stoner doom. The new album definitely raises the bar of musicianship. It is a female fronted doom band. She has that dark charm her voice which will attract you towards the album. Such rawness, such darkness, such dexterity is simply commendable. The album is a wholly unique venture which is fresh and ready to be consumed.

I was simply beguiled by the performance. This album consists of 5 heavy tracks varying from 6 to 9 minutes in length. This album is effective and masterful and created a thick atmosphere where one will inhale only doom. It will make you so high that nothing else will matter.  The tracks will appeal to the dark side of the soul. Tracks structure are complex & intriguing with guitar solos burning like candles; slow & powerful.  Tracks reach a savage climax which is not only vivid but violent too. The tracks are bound to give you those series of breakdowns. Everytime when there is a rhythm change the track gets more heavy.  The riffs are thoughtful & percussion work is majestic accompanied with crisp cymbal effect. It is a bass heavy stonerfic performance. It is a transition to various forms of darkness of life.


I wonder what it would be like to see them playing live. Slow brute doom force which will make you submit yourself to it. Give it a spin, I bet you will avow to the band for life.

This album is a metal lullaby.  Pop up some beers with this album in the background on a Sunday afternoon; it would be day well spent trust me.

Hit the box below for streaming the album :

Here are the links :

Inverse Records – Herem – III – CD



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