Denominate is a progressive technical death metal band based in Oulu, Finland. Band has entered the area with honed skills, their new album “Those who beheld the end” was released in august last year. It’s a pity that i got my hands on this album this late. But I guess it’s never too late to write about good quality stuff. This album is a pearl and the label has done a great job by digging this out by reaching the depths of the ocean which is filled with variety of albums.

Well! What a way to start the New Year.

Slash & Burn! Rip it out!

These are phrases that come in my mind when I think of this album. The album is a loadstone. It is as fresh are the first rains of the season. The band is recreating the aura which is created by some of the top notch bands of this genre in their own customized way. They are the epicenter which is fleshing out brutal melodies with superb instrumentation. They are blending the ancient style with futuristic techniques.


The album is a mixture of decapitated music style & vocals which somewhat lie between the vocal style of corpsegrinder & Rafał “Rasta” Piotrowski. And yes tracks are high on progressive parts. Elements increase the effect & depth of the tracks. It also ensures that the tracks find a place in your playlist and stay way longer than the normal duration. Tracks are infectious and upbeat. They are the plethora of burning & punishing riffs. The band beats its previous release since the tracks of the new release are more efficient, more polished and are injected with extra pounds of heaviness.

It is a box of extremity. You don’t believe me?  Then why don’t you give it a spin while you are working out. Probably then you will release the intensity and extremity which I am talking about. Before you even know it you will be pumped up to whole new level.

Listening to this album is like being in the middle of  a battlefield for 45 minutes. The guitar riffs, bass riffs, drum beats, cymbal work , vocals everything is just perfect. It is like getting stuck in a spider web. It’s hard to get out of the album once you have given it a spin. This album is profoundly insane and invigorating in all sense. None of the tracks falls short of energy.

You ask for Brutality and I give you “Those who Beheld the End” by Denominate.


Stream the album by clicking below :

Hit below for videos :

Other Links :

Denominate – Facebook Page

Denominate – Twitter Page

Denominate – Soundcloud Page

Denominate – Youtube Channel

Denominate – Itunes Page



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