“KAOS KREW” is another fine excavation by inverse records.  “KAOS KREW” hails from Finland. What started as a one man project is now has a 6 man band. The band has 3 albums, a live DVD and 2 music video under its belt. Use of synthesizers along with influence of industrial scene can very well be witnessed from their music.

“End my Pride” is a new single released by the band which is a part of the new album which will be released later this year. The track is a 4 min beast.  It is 90’s style inflated by the techniques and effects of 21st century. It is a mixture of genres. The track is for those who like crossover metal and not for those who are into worship of metal genres without any mixture. The riffs are heavy accompanied with vocals which are a step or two down from vocals of death metal style. Track is all about thick guitars and an audible bass with both clarity and loud crashing drums. It is simple yet aggressive in its own way. Their ability to blend influences makes for amazing output from the band and production is cutting edge too. If you are into crossover style, then do give it a spin.

Click the box to stream :

Other Links :

Kaos Krew Website

Kaos Krew Facebook Page





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