Skeletal is a Death Metal band from Jyväskylä Finland, formed in 2007.
“Dreadful Life” is the bands first full length album, and was recorded and mixed by Tom Brooke, at Tonehaven recording studio. The album will be released on February 3rd 2017.

The label has done a brilliant job in excavating this band from the underground .The album is nothing more than a heavy dose of power mixed with brutality. It delivers 8 cuts of soaring and crisp underground death metal. Death and destruction really this is what album is all about. It would not be apt to compare this album with some other release. The music produced is way above the class and that’s what make is a unique & quality listening experience.

The album does what a death metal album ii supposed to do – straight out, no hold barred.  Tracks are bestial like no doubt about that.

Tracks are powerful, full of hate & anger. Technically the album is very efficient. It doesn’t sound raw like those first recorded demos or ep’s. It is a polished work mixed with brutal musicianship. Tracks starts with blast beats and electrified guitar riffs. Use of cymbals adds an impact to the tracks. The solos are like burning fire. Fast , blazing and it just absorbs/overpowers  whatever comes its way. The guitar riffs have a special element which makes you feel connected to it the moment you listen. “Give into your anger”  this what the tracks would make you feel.  Rhythm changes are skillful. It is a power performance which has been intensified to whole new level by adding the brutality factor to it. Even after the tracks are long over, the beats & the rhythm will keep on going inside your mind.

This is the new stuff in the metal market which is worth getting addicted to. The band has delivered authentic , brute force ,unpretentious death metal madness. The music is harsh , strangulated, the monstrous shrieks with blazing riffs that really serves to elevate this record from mundanity.

The band has also injected this album with an interlude which is beautiful yet dark. It is like time travel to the dark side of someone’s past. It is most intriguing.

This album is a package of contained rage. Unleash it and see the magic.

Hit the link to stream & buy the album:

Here are the links :





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