TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY – A Label , PR Company & Webzine


So another year is about to end. This year just like the previous others have been great for the Indian metal scene.  Tons of quality stuff was released this year and numbers of announcements were made concerning upcoming projects and albums.  Immortal and vile by Primitiv , Centuries of Decadence by Godless , Rise of the Saffron Empire by Heathen Beast etc. These are only some of the names I could go on but then the article would only consist of names of the releases.

Apart from the band  the label owner & the PR company play an important role which ensures the success of the release. So today I am going to talk about one such label (also a PR company & webzine) which has played an important in uplifting the Indian Metal Scene to new heights. Yes today I will be talking about Transcending Obscurity . This might come as a shock to you but there aren’t many such entities around, especially in and around India.

Kunal Choksi started Transcending Obscurity as a forum in 2004, promoted metal music from around the world, first as a webzine then eventually expanded its scope as a record label later in the same decade.

Starting with the first release (now sold out) of the obscure band called THE DEAD from Australia, the label has come far, having over “n” number of bands under its roster, be it on the main international label or the sub-label and their respective distribution legs. Transcending Obscurity can arguably be called one of the biggest labels for underground music, even though it’s based in Mumbai, India – which has only been a massive challenge so far. Against all odds though, the quality of the products, distribution network, and promotional reach have only gotten better and with the support of its loyal fans, can hope to help more and more bands from all over.

Earlier, that is before TO I found it difficult to trace the new Indian releases and by the time I came to know about them they were already sold out. There are bands that are of topnotch but I never knew about them. I did try to keep myself updated but there always remained a loophole (it could have been my fault but that might not be true every time)

And if I talk about now, I am aware about almost all the releases. In short Transcending Obscurity is one stop shop when it comes to Indian Metal Scene. Because of its beast like promotion skills (aggressive is what I mean), experienced staff and last but not the least their will and commitment towards uplifting of the Indian Metal Scene new heights most of the bands sign up with the label. If not for release then for PR work.  That’s is why one stop shop.


Designed by – Mark Riddick

Apart from promoting the Indian Metal Scene, TO has also released albums by various international acts. Preludium , The Whorehoue Massacare, Norse, Affliction Gate , Abyssus , Deceased , Seedna , Sepulchral Curse as I said before I could go on but then it would only have the names of the international acts. You know what is the best part with TO releasing the albums by international acts is that we are saved from the butcher effect of exchange rates and shipping charges. Many times it would have happened that you would have let go of the idea of buying the album because it was too expensive (cd price plus shipping charges), but that’s not a problem anymore. TO has excavated top quality bands from the global metal scene and has presented their stuff to us which is within reasonable price range.

TO also comes out with volume sampler just like the last year. Last year it was more of Indian bands but this time for a change it has number of international acts is more than the Indian acts. The volume sample is a tour de force with bands like paganizer , rudra, gutslit, plague throat, seedna , swampcult etc on board.  Here are the bandcamp links for this year and last years sample:

Do check them out and guess what it is a free download

Thank You Kunal (label owner) and the whole staff of transcending obscurity for their never ending work and support and I hope this label touches new heights in the near future.

Other Links:

tometal website

TO Metal Facebook


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