Hey Ho! I am back finally decided to break the silence.

Today I am going to talk about “Anna”. This is the Fifth full length album of doom/atmospheric death metal one man band called “Doomed”. Talking about the cover art, I think it pretty impressive and too dark which is completely in sync with the tracks and the genre to which the band belongs. Dead boy in the air, the tree with leaves shedding and all dried up, everything falling apart. Yes we all are doomed!

The album came out this September via Solitude Productions.

The album is loaded with 6 down tempo heavy doom and depressive tracks and 1 instrumental which is majorly dominated by piano which is beautiful in its own way. Although not metal but completely fits in the lineup. The melody is dark and signifies on what is left.

““It is like a journey of a girl named “Anna” who is a chaos and as she grows old her memory becomes misty and all that she could remember is the pain which she suffered . Slowly and gradually the soul vanishes but the body remain with the dreams which could never be fulfilled.””  This could be one interpretation.

Total run time of this tour de doom is around an hour

The Tracks from start to finish are most intriguing. You need a strong heart to give this album a spin because it is so dark and gloomy that you could actually go in a bad trip. And if that happens then the whole point to listening is defeated. You would not be able to realize the beauty of it. So in short it is The Intense Stuff.

The idea behind this monster have been properly put to work as a result of which we have a brilliantly constructed album. The album is filled with rich content up to the brim. One can trace the interjection of different styles once you give it a spin.

The songs start begin in the most  complex fashion and then boom picks up the speed. Percussions and Bass guitar are running side by side holding the structure of the tracks all together. Also they are hard hitting, what I mean is they tend to leave an impact of the listener. The rhythm guitar riffs are down tuned to a whole new level which only few can think of giving the songs the much needed gloomy and death like layer. Vocals are mostly gruesome and death like. The lead guitar work is sensational throughout the album. Lyrics are depressive and probably speaks of the loss and agony.

My favorite is “As thoughts began to Tarnish”. The track is has a much more deep meaning and is too dark if compared with the others.  And the tracks lead guitar riffs act like a magnet .

To understand the true beauty of this album and to make this a quality listening experience you have to actually de-crypt the tracks. Intense & Complex.  There are things known and things unknown and our guy here has used his imagination & perception to create such an album to make us understand that. This is stuff to get lost in.  

Pick up a copy by clicking on the box below :



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