unnamed.jpg “Crystalmoors” is 6 man band from Spain, which produces Celtic/Pagan Black Metal music. The band is in the scene from 1995 and has produced 3 demos , 1 Ep , 1 Split and 2 full length albums.

The Mountain will forgive us” is the third full length album released by the band on 9th of September this year via Casus Belli Musica (Russia) record label.

The album artwork is very simple and complements the message which the band wants to convey from this album. This album is an ode to the nature.

Talking about the music now:

It’s a double CD affair where the first part is rooted in celtic/pagan black metal whereas the second part is a folkish interpretation given to the band’s old and new exclusive material. This is a humongous album with 17 mind blowing tracks. First making you go all restless , wild , charging you up with excessive power  and then soothes the soul by catering it with the folk versions.

CD1 has  9 tracks.It’s not just black metal, it’s a cauldron which has all death , black , post atmospheric and folk influences in it. Almost all the tracks (tracks on CD 1) start with beautiful arpeggios and then picks up speed as arpeggios are succeeded by those death and black metal style vocals and thunderous drumming and rather slow (as compared to death and black metal style riffing ) but burning guitar riffs. The band has done quite pivotal here , sends a shock wave to your mind ,  rawness  and mystery draws you and its a majesty in dark way. Song structure is dynamic and has anger in it.

Band belongs to a space which is the intersection of death , black/celtic/pagan  and folk music.

The acoustic side (CD2) has 8 tracks and this side is completely opposite to what you heard on  CD1.

Amazing acoustic riffing. It’s a unique combo of harsh vocals with all folk instrumentation. The melody is so positive yet dark and then mixed with solid vocals takes you in world unknown. It is folk music at its best. Tracks are long enough to keep you in the spirit and take you back in time when it was all about folk music. The music is like an enchantment. Even a person who is not a metalhead can give this side of the album a spin and I promise them when it will be over they will come out of that folk spirit satisfied. The bass guitars with the djembe is handling the percussive part beautifully. Not just guitars ,  whistles and bagpipes  are also used to give an edge to the music.

This is one melodious of ride , deep into the realms of nature. They are taking the listener deep into the heart of nature and are stressing on the point that nothing is more yielding and powerful and absorbing  than nature.

Tracks have both dark and introspection melodies and are bound to create a space for themselves inside your brain. The composition and mixture of folk melodies with new age melodies is just perfect .

This is a musical mastery which we are witnessing in form of this album. Never has been this experiment has been undertaken. They have proved that they are not just some amateur in this music scene. They have taken a leap and have come out in a fine style.They did it in a way in which people do not accept it or rather i should say expect it, which makes this album unique in its own way. The tracks have undeniable melodic hooks , and neck snapping rhythms.

I wonder why would one miss on this? This is a whole new experience of quality listening. The acoustic sections sound like flamenco guitar riffs( that’s what it looked like) and which gives another level of depth to the tracks. They are forging a new path for themselves by creating a new style of celtic/pagan black metal music. If you like Agalloch, Drudkh, Primordial, Thyrfing and Cruachan, actually  even if you dont but you are into this genre then you just can’t sit with your hands folded.

This type of collaboration is simply worth getting into. I mean who would have thought a side of metal then to calm you down the band has 8 beautiful acoustic melodies.
The album is a journey , which first takes you to the hard powerful side of music which is metal and then takes you to the side which is melodious and serene .

Go ahead take the leap into this pool of dark and melodious tracks .

Click on the box to stream and buy the album :

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