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If you haven’t read the review i wrote for the single “the opposed”, which was released on August 19th ,2016 and which is part of debut full length album which will be released by this year end via Non Serviam Records. And if you have clue as to what the band is all about, then let me give a give you a brief.  ZORNHEYM is a 4 man symphonic extreme metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. “Zorn” (ex dark funeral) is the mastermind behind the formation of this band.

The band will releasing the much awaited second single “A Silent God” on 21st October’16. Just like the first single , this track will also be a part of band’s debut full length album.

Symphonic Dark Metal is the bailiwick of the band and they have proved it yet again.

The track starts with a blast of soul ripping riffs and technical drumming. Vocals are anger and pain filled. Just like the previous release,  this second track by the band is high on dark melody giving you the ghastly chills which will run deep into your mind. In the middle of the song there is dark acoustic riff section , which is simply captivating with clean vocals suggestive of the grief suffered (by the humans i suppose). The guitar solo !! Well i would fall short of words if i start describing that. Scintillating, Dark , Melodious , Majestic, Burning just like Fire. That’s Guitar Solo for you!

The epic instrumentation used is just perfect. Specially the use of church chorus ( when the song is about end and that is what it sounded like) is very a contrasting thing and chimerical too given the name of the track and the genre the band is into.

The track is an ambrosial and  is for those who have an appetite for Dark Music.

If you ask me to describe the track in a single line , then i would say “It just gets better“. Its a quality listening experience and this new release definitely raises the level of expectation from the band now.

Hit the link to read the review of the previous single :

Zornheym-The Opposed Single Review

Hit the link to pre-order the single:


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