Artwork 2.jpgWondering why the band’s name so long?

Well this album “Unholy Ghost Liturgy” is a collaboration album of Russian ambient/black/doom metal project “Abigorum” with American black metal/ambient formation “Cryostasium“.

The long awaited album which was announced way back in 2014  has been released via Satanath Records & Abstruse Eerie Radiance in last week of September this year.

Well collaboration album in most of the cases provide a quality listening experience, since it is the birth child of two bands (generally) which come from different backgrounds bringing something precious and new. In this case “Abigorum” (Russian metal project)  & “Cryostasium” (American metal project) are those two bands.

The album contains 20 abyssic tracks with 2 tracks crossing the threshold of 6 minutes. From start , this unholy collaboration makes their intention clear as to what level of nebulous and iniquitous journey the listener will be plunging himself into. Short & Simple is the proverb , but for them it is short & dark (raw). They take the listener by surprise with their out of the box melodies. The vocals are less and are nothing more than ungodly and murky cries. The album is more about instrumentation work which is sacrilegiously magical then vocals. Sometimes all you need is the proper set of instrumentation to create the impact and to take the person into the domain of darkness . This album is just that!  Rhythms & Melodies remain same throughout the tracks , but let that not disappoint or fool you . The tracks are bound to take you on  whirl of a dark scrimmage. And as said ” Dark side is always attractive”. The tracks are simply scaring life out of people.

The Album is a cauldron where this mighty and sinful fusion of music from different culture takes place. You might not be able to connect to it in the first go, since it is a little off beat . But definitely it will make you hungry for and as they say  “it becomes better with repeated number of spins”. There is a ton of impious and powerful music in this album, which one just cannot pass on or ignore.

Click on the link below to stream or buy the album :


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