With all those church burnings and killings , black metal is undoubtedly the most notorious sub genre of Metal Music.

Yes, You Got that right!

Today i am going to discuss about a black metal album.

Nocturne” a two man melodic black metal outfit from Austria  released their debut self titled full length album “Nocturne” earlier this year in January via a Unlight Productions ( a french label). The album has been  mastered at NECROMORBUS STUDIO Stockholm (Sweden) by Tore Stjerna (WATAIN, FUNERAL MIST, etc.). So now you can imagine how the album would sound like.

The album cover art is a stellar. Humans being slaughtered by the forces of the dark lord, The way the dark lord has been portrayed is very killer.

It contains 9 epic rites of raw, occult, otherworldly, cavernous and hellish tracks with total run time of 54 minutes. The tracks are technically sound yet raw in emotions and are massive as their names.  Dark rhythmic melodies with devilish vocals and ultra fast drumming is what this album is all about. The very essence of tracks are chaotic and dark. Just a single spin will infuse you with beast like spirit and make you go wild and join the horde to worship the dark lord. It is an ode to those who have given their soul to the darkness and rawness of  black metal.

Each track is a different story and it is always said once you know how to start and how to end , you tend to carve out the story more efficiently. The guys from “Nocturne” have done just that. They knew how to begin and how to end , as a result of which the tracks created are impressive and full on dark energy.

This is ultra-high-quality Black Metal for sure and is venting its fury through quakes and floods, turning all to dust. Adorned with staggering, evil Black Metal that truly cannot be topped because it’s nigh on perfect ( not comparing it with the legends of this genre, but with the newcomers). Totally essential, even if you do end up having to fork out on a new record player.

It is one of those albums that’s been flying well below the radar for about a few months now but deserves a lot more attention than what it’s been afforded.

Click on the link below to stream and buy the album:



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