Fetid Zombie” is a solo project of the mastermind behind the legendary “RiddickArt” Mark Riddick. He needs no introduction . He is a legend in the underground. He is the guy behind all those numerous killer artworks.

Fetid Zombie” will be releasing its much awaited  4 track EP “Epicedia” on 25th November’16 via transcending obscurity records.

Gruesome! The artwork is gruesome. The cover art and the album layout are horribly amazing ( i hope you understand what i mean). Its a stellar.

Each track crosses the threshold of 8 minutes making it a mammoth EP. The lyrics are heavy , meaningful and to the point. Vocals are brutal and horrid . It is like summoning the dead to rise and go on war with the living.  It needs a lot of brain storming sessions to craft tracks of this length which are of such excellent quality.The tracks also has acoustic riffs. Imagine a death metal track with an acoustic riff, it definitely adds a layer to the track. The guitar solos are fast and are like burning fire. Riffs are complex with number of dynamic shifts.

It is high on technical aspirations with all those rhythm and tempo variations.

The EP is impressive , tough , masterful , excellent , rad! Just like Mark’s artwork.The tracks sound great , but they would have sounded much better if there was a person behind the drums.  Nonetheless, it   leaves an impact on the listener. It has various guests appearances which gives an edge to the tracks. It is a bundle of good quality death metal stuff.

The guy has lived up to the hype and has confirmed the rumors about the greatness of the album.The dark side is always attractive & the EP is just that.  It is a lodestone, a plethora of high advanced music bombing the universe. The sculpting of the music is just majestic.

The tracks are an ode to the dead which create a tohubohu inside the listeners mind.

Here are the links :



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