EUFORI – Humörsvängningar REVIEW


Eufori”  is a two piece band from Stockholm, Sweden. With members “Mist of Misery”, the band was formed in early 2016.

Their debut full length album “Humörsvängningar” will be released on 30th September’16 via Black Lion Records.

This is astonishing! Wondering why i said that? Well , band was formed in early 2016 and in such a small amount of time , they have come out with such an impressive album.

Darkness! that’s what the album art conveys. By looking at the cover another thing that could be concluded is that the darkness has no limits, it is of infinite depth. Hence, it would be correct/apt to say that the band members have taken a leap in the well of darkness which is there inside themselves to craft this album.

Talking about the music now :

Well , what can i say!

The album consist of 8 tracks and total run-time of the album is near to 40 minutes.  If you would ask me to define the album in two words, it would be Melodious & at the same time Melancholic. Yes these two will be the words.

The tracks hit directly the inner consciousness and memories of the listener. The structure is simple with a lot of tempo and rhythm variations and are complementing the spirit of the tracks. Simple structure , yet complex since they are soaked in the murkiness of one’s pain and suffering.The music is creating a dense layer of introspection inside the mind of the listener. The guitar riffs and drum beats are not viper fast, but they are fast enough to move you from one zone to the another by showing you different phases of the forgone past. The band utilizes a broad musical range, making sure that no song is like the other.

Keyboards are used in track number 6 and it adds a layer to that track with that gloomy melody which is suggestive of a pain suffered in the past. The melody is captivating that you will end up listening that again ( i am not just saying, i actually did that)

What was the most out of the box thing about this album was us of guitar riffs which give a happy and optimistic feeling.  They combined that riff with those pain filled and harsh vocals and have created a unique tracks ( check out track number 2 and 8). This combo is unexpected and takes you by surprise and makes you wonder “how did they do it and what made them do it”

Love DSBM music style but cannot stand to massive length of the songs, then this album is just what you wanted. Every song is within the 6 minute time span.

With melancholic chord progression , overpowering and charismatic guitar solos, the tempo variations in drum beats and harsh vocals and gloomy and optimistic(sometimes) guitar riffs ; the band is literally playing with the listeners mind. “Spark of Brilliance”  yes this is what this album is.

The album is a think piece which has got certain level of depth in it. As the album progresses the tracks become more deep and the last track “Eufori” seals the deal and gives a perfect and well deserved end to this listening experience.

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