Interview with the mastermind behind “abandoned by light” KARHMUL


“Abandoned by light” is dsbm/black metal project by Karhmul having York, England as its fortress.  The project came into existence in the year 2013. He recently released 4th full length album “broken mirrors to stars”.

So, I reached out to him and asked about “Broken Mirrors to Stars” and more.

Q1. Give a brief which lead to the inception of the project.

>The project was started on Valentines Day 2013 (what a coincidence!) I had been playing in some rock/metal bands, but had long been in love with black metal, and the band I was in was simply not dark, heavy or aggressive enough. So I decided to start my own black metal project, initially with a friend of mine, but he was never into black metal, so I decided to do it myself.

Q2. Why dsbm/black metal, since England is more famous for bands which belong to have metal, power metal genre.

>Black metal for me is the most expressive form of music, pure raw emotion. It is also darker than all other music forms. That was the initial appeal for me when I started listening to it. I wanted to craft music that I could truly express myself with and playing fast powerful guitar and screaming your head off allows you to do that. DSBM in particular, with the emotive sounds and depressive feel matched the way I felt and wanted to express myself in, listening to black metal, whatever form, from whatever place, it transcends everything in reality, takes me away from everyday problems, thoughts, and worries. It’s a beautiful thing.

Q3. Why a one man project?

>Total control. It’s that simple, I can create the music I want, in the way I want it to sound without having to compromise to anyone else. The end result is a total reflection of myself, my thoughts, my feelings, my essence. Even if I wanted to do it with someone else, the area I live in does not have a real underground to it so other musicians are really hard to come by.

Q4. It takes a lot of efforts to craft such a mammoth album, how did you manage to do that?

>I committed a lot of time to this album, whenever I had free time I was either recording, writing lyrics, coming up with ideas and passages in my head, or simply listening back to what I had done. This is the only real thing I do outside of work and other social commitments. This band is my passion, my drive, when I’m not recording, I’m thinking of lyrics, riffs, ideas, concepts, anything to do with it.

Q5. What is the concept behind the album and how long did it take to complete it?

>There wasn’t a huge overwhelming concept with this album like there was with the last album (The Angel Experiment), the overall theme of the album is identity, and how the world we live in can sometimes alter and conform our character and make us into something we don’t know in order to find a place in the world. The other main theme is isolation, either as a result as of this character conformity, or other reasons. Overall, with the writing and recording the album took about 8 months to complete.

Q6. What was the thought behind including the cover songs in the album?

>The idea was to pay tribute to the bands that inspired me to start this project and have inspired me ever since. I wanted to cover them to put my own sound to it and demonstrate the variety of sounds within black metal and my own music. Those are the bands that preceded us, laid the foundation, and inspired future black metal, they are the reason I play what I play.

Q7. Is your project signed to any label, or you prefer going the DIY way?

>The project was signed to Black Lion Productions from Sweden, a label run by a friend of mine. But at the moment the project is not with them anymore and I’m currently looking for other labels, if none are interested, then I will likely find a way to do it myself.

Q8.  While trying to gather some information about your project, I noticed that you changed the name from “Perpetua “to “Abandoned by light”, So what is the story behind that?

>Perepetua (latin for ‘eternal’)was the name I decided initially, and for the first few demos that name made sense, but when the music style changed the name no longer made sense, so I decided to change it to Abandoned by Light, as that name represented the new direction, total darkness, no light, uncompromising.

Q9.  Is it hard to manage a One Man Project?

>Not particularly, it allows total freedom, I can do everything in the style I want, in whatever time I want. It only becomes difficult in the management department, trying to manage the band, and learning everything to do with the industry, recording and publicity is quite difficult. Though I’m learning as I go along, and starting to get the hang of things.

Q10. What are your thoughts on the current dsbm scene?

>Currently, I think the scene has grown a lot, but there is a lot of similarity between a lot of these bands, clinging to the template of bands like Nocturnal Depression, Happy Days and earlier bands. Not saying that I’m reinventing the genre or doing anything profound. There are some fantastic and unique newer bands out there such as; Vore (Mexico), Tearfall, Blotum, Unhappy, Neo Noir etc. Lots of bands doing new and exciting things.

Q11. Thank you for taking out time for this interview, any last words?

>Thank you so much for the review and the interview. Check out my Facebook: and my BandCamp: for updates and all my releases. Hail black metal


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