This time I have “broken mirrors to the stars” by “Abandoned by light”. This is a one man project and its mastermind is Karhmul. This is the 4th full length album by “Abandoned by light” which was released few days back on 11th September ’16.

Can you believe it “black metal coming straight out of UK”. This is really great. Although i hear some people saying that its only Norway which produces the best and true black metal music. But, I don’t believe it. “Abandoned by light” belongs to UK but has its music roots steadfast to the original black metal sound.

The album is a mammoth since it consists of 17 tracks. The shortest track is of 3:02 minutes and the longest track is clocking 16:11 minutes. MASSIVE INDEED! The album can be divided into two parts : the covers and the original tracks.  From 17, 6 tracks are the cover tracks. Karhmul has covered tracks by Nargaroth, Lifelover, Silence, Happy Days, Nocturnal Depression,  Burzum.

The album is more instrumental oriented taking you deep into the realms of blackness of the life.  The tracks are raw and I believe it is important to have them that way to convey the depressive element more successfully.  Apart from being raw, tracks are also captivating, heavy and are soaked in the black metal music spirit. The tracks are high on pain , loneliness and hatred.This music is not for the weak , you need to have guts to listen to this kind of a music. Tracks start with a complex and intriguing melody and while you are busy trying to figure it out , it takes you by bang! With those heavy drumming and down toned  riffs and diabolical vocals. Most of the tracks start that way only.

The cover tracks are done masterfully and skillfully. Fresh yet old , if you know what I mean ( do I need to say more, I guess  no).

The songs are rich in black and depressive metal elements.  I could also sense some ambient black metal elements in the album too. Have to give it to Karhmul, for combining all such influences and taking the music to the next level. Tracks structure is complex and technical with those changing tempos and rhythms.

Heavy instrumentation with evil and pain filled ( in some tracks) vocals, that’s what the album is all about.  17 songs of which some cross the length of 10 minutes, then six covers,  Hats off to Karhmul, since it takes a lot of efforts and hard work to create such a behemoth and yes it shows.

Here is the link :


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