The artwork is very impressive. It is aggressive ,radical and complements the title of the album. Humans worshiping a metal war lord,  machines taking over the world, some kind of force fields all round the place, thunderous atmosphere, DAMN! it has all the right elements to make me really interested.

“SABOTER” was formed in Athens, Greece, in 2014, assembled by ex-members of Greek Thrash Metal Band Overcast. “MANKIND IS DAMNED”  is the debut full length album released by the band via Witches Brew on July 6th , 2016.

The album consist of 8 power packed and in your face tracks. The album is  with less syncopation, less blues, more showmanship and more brute force. The electric guitar and the sonic power that it projects through amplification is euphoric. Songs would often shift in dynamics and tempo for instance take the track ‘marching death’ it starts with a beautiful guitar melody and overpowering vocals (just like nothing else matters) and then BANG! it attains the speed.  The vocals (lyrics) are intense , and once you got used to them they kick ass. Bass playing has  been compelling and indeed solid backbone for the rest of the band. The riffs and rhythm are just irresistible and there’s no way to listen to it and not bang your head.The finest moments of the album come from the intense riffing combined with Vailas’s wailing vocals.Each song has a new story both musically and lyrically.

The tracks have the ability to take you to that 80’s era, which is the spirit of  different metal music genres which we listen today. The time when metal music scene was evolving. The band has been a melting pot of sounds taken from  US power metal scene , NWOBHM bands ( like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest) and a little from classic European heavy metal. It is a treat to those who always wanted to relive the era when the metal music was picking up, the 80’s ERA!

This album is like a winter rain. It does not happen daily,  when you hear a new band coming up with that classic 80’s heavy metal sound. The scene has evolved to a whole new level with all those technicalities, but the band chooses to stay true to the classic heavy metal sound.

The songs found on  “MANKIND IS DAMNED” are very energetic from start to finish, and each member seems to have up-cycled each other’s performances.

It isn’t the fastest, but the sheer power, class and spirit this magnum opus possesses will blow your heads off.  Each song is worth listening to. You will have that urge , that strong desire to give it another spin.

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