So I am back with another album review and this time it is AENIGMATA by SIN OF GOD.

SIN OF GOD ( that’s some name \m/ ) is a 5 piece death metal band from Ambrozfalva, Hungary.  This is the band’s second full length album which will be released on 23rd September ’16 via Satanath Records and Murdher Records.

It is probably a fair fact that SIN OF GOD is not known in big circles ( that’s what i believe,i may be wrong) but the lack of worldwide recognition doesn’t prevent their full-length release from having some interesting points. The new album is much more fierce and destructive than the previous full length album. “Brutalization of the Core” is definitely the band’s objective behind producing such a opus. Album run time is 38 minutes and consists of 9 destroyer tracks.

Album cover art is very impressive and just by looking at it one can tell that the album will be all about brutal death metal.

The riffs are fast and face melting accompanied by speedy drumming and signature death metal vocals.  The harshness and destructiveness of death growls is in complete sync (or you can say complementing) with band’s death metal’s abrasive music style and dark subject matter. The vocals are lyrically and thematically darker and more ghoulish and succeed in evoking chaos, death and anger.  The tracks have viper fast riffs. It is like the bands lead and rhythmic guitar player are shooting riff bullets from there guitars with ultrafast intensity. The drumming is that which you expect a death metal album to have. Fast , brutal , assaulting , skull thumping , I would probably fall short of words and would not be able to describe what it actually is. But I am pretty sure that I gave you an idea as to what the drum beats you could expect.   The tracks will definitely leave an impact and are of a type which would get registered in listeners brain.

Their music is authentic death metal with some technical aspirations, including a lot of rhythm change. You may not be able to connect at first , but after some tracks everything will fall in place.

While it should do no harm to anyone, AENIGMATA  is especially worthwhile for those who don’t pursue the easiest solutions everywhere.

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