Chalice of Suffering is doom metal band from Minneapolis. The band has released their debut album “For You I Die” via Times End Records.

The album has received excellent reviews from all over the world. Despite this being their debut album, the band has left no stone unturned and has come out with a nothing less than a Gem of a Album. Using flute and bagpipes as additional instruments the band has given life to the miseries of life.

For You I Die’ is the ultimate expression of moving, emotive, near-sentient doom metal music for the harrowed souls.

I reached out to the band and asked them about “For You I Die” and more.

Q1. Give us a brief history of the band.

I had the idea of doing a studio project for a long time. But then about 2 years ago I started on this adventure.  My good friend Will who is my guitarist is also the recording engineer, which I have known him for a few years prior.  Then Aaron Lanik my drummer, who is my neighbor and good friend. Allen Towne who is one of the guest vocalists has been a friend for a long while since the 7th grade.  I put an ad in for a keyboardist and I got this amazing guy all the way from Bulgaria, Nikolay as I can say now is a great friend. Then I met Robert the tin whistle guy from a metal board post on facebook that he does Celtic instruments.  Then Robert introduced me to Kevin who speaks Irish Gaelic and Bag pipes.  So that is the history and how we all met.


Q2. You’ve recently released your debut album “For You I Die”, how does it feel?

It feels wonderful to get all of those emotions and feelings out there.  I am very proud of this album.


Q3. Why you choose to be a doom metal band? Some sort of a personal connection with this kind of a   music or just choose?

I have listened to many styles of metal, but Doom spoke to me more.


Q4. What is the story behind the album?

Ahhh the story. It all is a collaboration of things that happened to me in my past. The song Fallen is a tribute to my father who passed away about 26 years ago when I just turned 14.  I kept my feelings and emotions all inside me. I wrote those lyrics to get these feels out and it felt like a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Many other songs were written after going through many dark times. I do suffer from Anxiety and Depression. So writing these things down and then putting the music to it has really saved me and helped release these feelings of worthlessness and anger.  For example the song Alone is a feeling I got when I was in my dark days.  When I was around many people, family and friends I felt that I was all by myself and no one saw or heard me.  Even when I was in a room filled with people. From doing all of this is a way for me to let these feelings out.


Q5. The album art work is killer. How did you come up with that?

I told my artist Rudi Goringsuicide Art Yanto the basic idea of the album and the title of the album.  He came up with the idea and it was amazing.


Q5. What are the bands influences?

Desire (Portugal), Evoken, Shape of Despair, Loss, Mael Mordha, Swallow the Sun, My Dying Bride.


Q6. Any obstacles you guys encountered while making the album?

There were a few obstacles in making this album. It took longer because we had to wait for the musicians who are not local to me to get their materials in. Then a few issues on other people leaving due to circumstances beyond their control and of course no hard feelings.  Still good friends.


Q7. “For you I Die” has been released by Times Ends Records and GS Productions. Was it easy to get signed by the label?

Times End Records is my label, so that was simple lol. GS Productions came to me and liked the idea of what my music entails and the rest is history.


Q8. What are your thoughts on current doom metal scene?

It is moving very well.  I start seeing more doom bands out there now.  Strength in numbers.


Q9.  Do you have any shows/tours planned for rest of the year?

This is mostly a studio project so I do not see any tours or shows. But, if a good offer for a fest/show comes up then that would be considered.


Q10. IS there anything else you would like to say about “For you I Die” or Chalice of Suffering? What can we expect from the band in the future?

The album is full of mixed emotions with different elements. Give is a shot. We are in the infant stages of getting things together for the next record.  Like to say who is releasing it, but now I cannot say it now. But, things are moving very well.



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