Primitive Invocation came into existence in the year 2010. From that year forth there is no looking back. Primitve invocation till now has been able to successfully conduct 6 kickass gigs ( apart from Banish the Poser Fest).  Manzer from france , Defiled and Abigail (band formed in early 90’s)  from  japan are some of the bands which have headlined these gigs . So, why I said that? To make you realize that they were not just regular and normal gigs. So the scene in Bangladesh is actually rising.

It reached a new level in year 2013 , which is the year when Banish the Posers Fest came into existence. .Amit from Orator and Anton from Nafarmaan came up with the name long before BTPF made its debut.the first edition had numerous overseas bands. Savage Deity from Thailand, Lobotomy from Malaysia, Kathgor from Malaysia and Purgation from India played along with Orator, Nafarmaan, Morbidity, Warhound.

It was conducted successfully in 2014 and 2015 as well, with all mighty Impiety from Singapore and Funerus from USA  headlining the fest Respectively.

Now the remarkable part , the fest is happening for the 4th time and that too in a row on 7th oct’16. Horns up to that!


This year Riverge from Japan will be headlining the fest. These guys have been around since the old school golden era of thrash metal and are still wrecking havoc on stage. Gotta say, it’s really awesome to see how even without the internet, and from the underground, thrash was able to spread to as far regions as Japan.

Back’th’rash, their 2013’s 7-track EP is no less than old-school Thrash Metal with a true vintage spirit and attitude. Their Thrash comes across fast and furious, a crisp, heavy, violent attack.

And guess what I had an opportunity to conduct an interview with the band, So here it goes:

Q1.  Riverge has been around under since 1985. Tell us about the evolution of the band.

Hi! This is Shoji Nakamura. Singer and original member of RIVERGE since 1985. First of all, thank you for giving this opportunity and it’s our pleasure to answer the    interview! 

Before 1985, Me (Shoji Nakamura-Vo) and Yukiteru Takeshita(ex-guitarist) had a local  punk band and we met with Tetsu Ito who was playing in another local heavy metal  band. We talked about our dreams for future a lot and got to know our focuses which  were going towards the same direction. Then. we formed Riverge for making a unique  sound as mixing up with punk and heavy metal. It’s different than typical crossover.


Q2. It took you guys almost 24 years to come out with first album “Rebirth of Skull” which was released in 2009. Why it took so long? What was going on in the band at that time?

We were split up one time in 1988 and reunited in 2007. There is no other reason. We just stopped to act for almost 19 years.


Q3. What made you maintain stability after the release in 2009?

When comparing situations between the time before splitting up years and now, the number of gigs per year is getting less than ’85-’88. We are getting more invitations from other local scene-events inside Japan nowadays. Also, another reason is we are getting matured now and can make more time for preparing any details in advance. So, we can act better than before.


Q4. Every human has a different perception! You’ve been making music for about 31 years now, so what effect does it have on your views?

Good question. We are acting long time even there were some silent years, but we feel any circumstance is going to be in good way now. For example, we are often invited to different genre gigs like hardcore-grind core era for sharing stage. And we can have (we can make) more opportunity for sharing stage with overseas bands from well-known acts like POSSESSED/WHIPLASH/HIRAX to obscure young acts. These kind of things never happened in the past years.

More important thing is we are going to another country for having gigs over there by our related peoples’ effort. These situations mean a lot for us and give enough power-motivation to us!


Q5. What are the things which make Japanese thrash metal bands different from the American/Europe based thrash bands?

Inside our scene, still there are not enough young generation thrash metal bands. I think almost no bands here who are pointing ‘FAST SOUND’ only. From my point of view, most of the Japanese thrash metal bands are consciously playing their music as more old style and heavier-distorted sounds more than speed.


Q6. Does the Japanese culture have an impact on the music you people have crafted?

I don’t think that our music is influenced by our own culture. But…yeah…there is a possibility for having such kind of influence in the future. We can’t say what happens in the future…lol


Q7. What are the bands major influences?

There exists completely different flavor of each member but in our common sense, we can say our heroes are like VOIVOD, S.O.D., D.R.I., SLAYER etc.


Q8. Thrash Metal has transformed and evolved over time, what made you keep going? What are the things you did to keep up with those changes?

Good question as well. As you know, current scene has much more different styles and there are lots of names on each of them even inside thrash metal scene. I don’t know exactly why there is so many categories in the scene. I’ve never changed my own favor and still like so much just ‘straight forward’ sound. More important point for RIVERGE is…we are not studio band and 100% live act. So we want to create our sound for audiences as going crazy together!


Q9. Is this your debut appearance in Bangladesh? Debut appearance and headlining the fest, WOHA! How do you guys feel about it?

We all band members would like to appreciate for giving this opportunity! We promise to do our BEST on stage. Please come up to the fest and feel what we are doing on stage both enthusiasm, passion and thought for our sound.  We wish this killer opportunity will make more great connections between Bangladesh and Japanese bands-scene.


Q10. Thoughts on current state of Thrash Metal Scene?

There are lots of method-tools for getting information from global scene now. I think there is more possibility for getting our scene to a bigger stage. Also there is much more styles for enjoying sound itself than the past. Let us unite with each other more and keep this scene alive forever together!


Q11. Any music you people would like to recommend?

You all readers of this interview should try to listen to RIVERGE first!!!…lol


Q12. Thank you for taking out time and answering the questions, any final words?

Thank you again for giving this interview opportunity. This means a lot for us. We are really looking forward to sharing the stage with local bands and check out Bangladeshi scene!  Try to come to the fest and enjoy RIVERGE sound! We’ll make your ear’s bleeding!!!  Mosh & Dive!


Here are the links :

Riverge Facebook:

Banish the Posers Fest 2016:

Primitive Invocation





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