“KALA”  is Queen Elephantine’s 5th studio album, coming Oct 21st. It will be released by the following:

Argonauta Records (Italy)
Cimmerian Shade Recordings (US)
Atypeek Music (FR)
Transcending Obscurity (IN)
Tartarus Records (NL)

Clocking 8 minutes, the track “Quartz” is the second song of the album and right now is the only track  which can be streamed through Bandcamp .

The track is psychedelic one with influences from doom and stoner metal.  The band explores the  oblivion of extreme metal. The song is low on vocals and high on catchy and mind boggling  and stoner rhythm. The track easily penetrates and reaches the inner you and taps the subconscious. The song a creates a hypnotic effect which does not vanish easily. It can easily make you trip on its rhythm. The bass riff has played major role in the track.The steady, insistent backbone of the drums and bass flow graciously through tempo changes, allowing for delightful experimentation by the rest of the band. All in all, it’s out of the box experience. Pop up some beer and sit back and relax while the track takes you into time travel. 

Queen Elephantine definitely  finds them burrowing deeper into a world of their own creation and I am sure the album will bring a whole new level of psychedelic and doom experience to the listener. 

Here are the links.

  1.  https://queenelephantine.bandcamp.com/album/kala
  2. www.tometal.com
  3. http://cimmerianshaderecs.storenvy.com/products/17801057-queen-elephantine-kala
  4. http://www.argonautarecords.com/shop/music-/143-queen-elephantine-kala-cd.html
  5. http://tartarusrecords.com/
  6. http://atypeekmusic.com/Atypeek_Music.html
  7. https://www.facebook.com/queenelephantine/

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