I dont know what is there in Sweden, is there are black/death music magic wand. Why i say that because the band which i am going to talk about is a bloody good and is holding the flags of Swedish Metal Scene high.

DIVISION VANSINNE is a three man blackened death metal band hailing from Upplands Vasby, Stockholm, Sweden.

“DIMENSION DARKNESS”  is the band’s debut album which will is due to be released on September 20th, 2016 via Black Lion Records.

Without hype or the support of a clever, well-connected label, many great underground releases just disappear into obscurity and this is one such effort and Black Lion Records have done a great job by bringing their music out of the underground.

“Church is on the gunpoint” the album art and the name are very much suggestive as to what one could expect from the musical journey which he is about to embark.

Introduction featuring what are supposed to be ominous sound effects and what sounds like an old ritual being performed at the Church of Satan by darkest forces present. The band again wants to remind the listener as to which ship he is about to aboard.  The guys are very much holding the old spirits of early 90’s black/death metal and will definitely make you relive that time.Tracks of beast like vocals with attention-grabbing and signature old school black & death riffs ( check out the riff in Sadistic Love Session)  and complex and brutal drumming. The music is raw and fresh yet possessing the demonic spirits of early black/death metal style.

The band is toiling away in the darkest depths of the underground making some of the most amazing music in the world. The eleven tracks ( 50 minutes) on offer on their debut full-length album are anything but straightforward, coming across as a more challenging, supple and sinuous Portal.

Love the work of Behemoth and Belphegor , then dont miss out on this, there’s an hour’s worth of solid Death / Black Metal in here and I believe it’s well worth checking out, if you can’t get enough of such music and its ilk in your life.

Here are the links :

  1. https://divisonvansinneblp.bandcamp.com/
  2. https://www.facebook.com/DivisionVansinne/



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