ZORNHEYM is a 4 man symphonic extreme metal band from Stockholm, Sweden.

The single ‘the opposed” was released on August 19th ,2016 and is part of debut full length album which will be released by this year end via Non Serviam Records.

The single starts with a horror filled sound and then it picks up the tempo with deadly guitar riffing and mind shaking drumming. It’s more of a epic horror filled songs.

This song is the work of skillfull musicians coming together with one and one motive only to create such an opus which would be nothing less than a gem and will be an outstanding example for those who aim to craft symphonic extreme metal music. This is what we call amazing musical execution. The music has depth, is heavier and darker.

Using  different sets of   instrumentation has added melodic and extreme layers to the bands music. Guitar riffs are magnificent and magnetic with signature drumming particular to this genre and barbaric vocals this single will definitely find a top spot in your playlist.

Keep your eyes and  ears open and just buy the album when it releases.

Here is the link :

1. https://non-serviam-records.bandcamp.com/album/zornheym-the-opposed

2. https://m.facebook.com/zornheym/

3. zornheym.com



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