Grossty is a 4 piece nasty grindcore band hailing from Bengluru, India .

‘CROCOPTER’ LP will be released on November 15th , 2016 via transcending obscurity records.

The album cover is skillful work of art. It is dramatic and abstract to a whole new level. The artwork is done by T Bare McClough (ex tometal staff).

Now the music The music is definitely a mix of thrash and hardcore punk. Tracks are gut wrenching and gives you no time to breadth . Songs fill you with intense energy and makes you want to go on a killing spree. The blast beats are maniacal percussive explosions . The tracks are spreading nothing else than madness and wild fantasies in the listners mind.  Some moments are fucking intense and explode you head .

They are quite to the point and  occur to be short since some  of the songs are not clocking beyond a minute and the rest are within the limit of 1.30 minutes. It is more of a short grindcore journey of  around 20 mintues. This is some real quality  underground grindcore which is grinding your head.

The band is definitely laying a strong foundation for grindcore genre in the country.

The album is a melting pot of heavily distorted and down tuned guitars , grinding overdriven bass , wild and ferocious blast beats , high speed tempo and killer growls and high pitched shrieks by the two vocalists.

The album is assaulting in a very brutal fashion and is creating a  massacre which is systematically grinding the world  and above that the production is quite neat.

This album caters to the love for grindcore. If you are a grindcore fan , then you just would not want to miss out on this .

Here are the links :







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