Cover Artowrk Like a Runaway

Acid Age is a not just an ordinary thrash band , it is 4 man Hyper Thrash Metal band from Belfast , Ireland. Unlike the olden days, now you can very well expect bands belonging to different genres coming out of places which you could never expect of. And it is a great thing.

Humorous, this is the first word which came to my mind when i saw the album art and the name (no offence). But, i guess this is what caught my interest and hence i gave it a spin and to be brutally honest, the album is hyper as hell. Being aggressive is one thing but the band has taken that to a whole new level.

Like A Runaway Combine Harvester In A Field Of Crippled Rabbits” Fuck! that’s some name for an album, wonder how much they would have thought before settling to this name. This is the band’s third album which was released on June 24th, 2016 via Witches Brew label.

Talking about the music now:

The tracks have crunchy and maniacal riffs with signature double bass of thrash which is pounding as hard as it can. Guitar Solos are overpowering and the tracks are high on heavy bass line (it is clearly audible , that means you dont have to put in much of an effort to extract the bass sound). Vocals are high pitched shrieks which are bursting right on your face,  i mean so bloody high pitched that if the vocalist would have tried to move a level up he literately would have damaged his vocal chord. So now you can imagine what sort of high pitch tone i am talking about.Tracks will make you wanna punch in someones face  and create a revolt against all the posers. It will infuse you with energy and make you head-bang every time you listen to it.

This is a new age of thrash. The band has taken little bit from the legendary thrash metal bands then mixed a bit of grindcore , jazz and psychedelia effect to it and the result is in front you. This mixture has provided the tracks with those unexpected parts, which takes listener by a surprise and then only one thing comes to his mind ” Man thrash and grindcore . Superb!”

The album has elements of grindcore and jazz in it, hence variety of time signatures are used to create such a unique hyper thrash album. Its a neck breaker album , since you just cannot continue headbanging because the tracks are at a ultra fast speed.

“With viper fast and thick meaty guitar riffs , the tracks are slaying in a very brutal fashion

Here are the links :




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