The artwork is too dark and just by the look of it i can tell, listening to this album is not a job for weak hearted.

Chalice of Suffering is a funeral doom metal  band having US as its fortress. The band released their debut album “For You I Die” via Times End Records on July 8th ,2016.

The album is a behemoth, consisting of 8 tracks; out of which 7 tracks are clocking 10 minutes and more. The name of the tracks are depressive and melancholic, which are itself evident as to what one could expect out of this album. The album has a bit of influence of death doom music and funeral dirge music.

The tracks  will take you by surprise, with heavy gloomy doom riff, strong  base line, slow tempo and hammering drumming . Tracks are  very depressive. Keyboard is used for adding another layer to the tracks with it’s dark sounding melody. Vocals are with intense despair and desperation and have distressing effect. They are more like someone narrating a story full of sorrow and pain. A man  who has suffered humongous amount of pain and is now left with no hope.

Track s are  bound to spread darkness and sorrow all over the listeners mind and soul. The tracks will invade the listeners heart and will excavate the sorrow which are hidden deep inside him. As i said listening to this doom  is not a job for a weak hearted. It is like revisiting the agonies.

Musicianship is epic. The tracks are masterfully created. It takes a lot of effort to produce tracks of this length and  guess what they have come out with 7 such tracks of massive length. Listen any track from the album and you would realize how much time and effort has been put into it.

If u leave that melancholic part aside for sometime (i know the music gives such an effect, but still) and just concentrate on the music being played, you shall realize that the band has used the collective minds as anvil to craft the music which has such depth in it.

I would definitely like to get my hands on the guitar tabs of this album because the riffs are just majestic and i would love to play them myself.

The music evokes a sense of despair , dread and impending doom . The thick and heavy tone of the tracks are the defining characteristic . The rhythms are introspecting and creating an atmosphere of  melancholia.

What are you waiting for “GO BUY THIS ALBUM”

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