Cover Artwork - Burial Dust - Oshubho Ahobaan

Just by looking at the logo and the album cover art , one can tell that this band belongs to Black Metal genre.

BURIAL DUST is a three piece black metal band from Bangladesh, coming from a country which is lessor known in metal scene ( surprising isn’t). Their debut EP Oshubho Ahobaan was released on February 5th this year.

Talking about the music now:

It’s a 28 minute long EP consisting of 5 outrageous and impious tracks. The tracks are not related to one another and the subject varies from blashphemy to recalling the Egyptian deity Amun.

The EP consist of two behemoths clocking 8 minutes and 7.30 minutes . The  pattern of these two tracks are almost similar,  starts on a fast tempo then slow down then there is stop and again the tracks picks up the speed.  The other two tracks start on a grim note and the next moment they pick up speed. Drumming is primitive , raw and completely old school black metal style. The cymbal work is adding another layer to the the tracks crafted. The Vocals are demonic and true to the genre style to which the band belongs. They are bound to give a nightmarish and sacrilegious feel to the listner. Guitar and bass riffs are aggressive and are void on the melody part. The guitar riffs are based on tremolo riffing.

Now the last  tracks of the album is an instrumental one. It is a  mix of guitar arpeggios and chord and an serpents spell ( you can hear this as the track begins). If i am asked to describe this track in a word then it would say captivating. The instrumental piece is literally diabolic.

The tacks are unholy and an attack against the false religious faiths of the society and celebrates the darkness , diabolism  and death.

The EP is for the fans who shown their allegiance to the  early black metal style which includes bands like Mayhem and Darkthrone.

Well there is  a scope of improvement both in terms of music they are crafting and production, but this is the debut EP and a band evolves overtime. Hence this EP is worth  a spin.

Here are the links :

  1. Facebook : http://facebook.com/burialdust
  2.  Bandcamp : burialdust.bandcamp.com
  3.  Youtube :  youtube.com/channel/UCxNsI7DWeZ-ulIW7DQqgVtw

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