It all started back in March, 2010. The band is having two Extended Plays and one Full Length on their discography. They are set to release their second full length from Black Lion Records in the early August.

The album consists of 9 songs with tracks length varying from 2 min. to 8 min.  It is 43 minute long album. The names of the tracks are very much suggestive as to what one could expect out of them.

They know how to create multi-layered melodies since the songs are soaked in melodic and symphonic elements, pushing you back in time and making you relive the past which is long gone. It is like taking a dip in the past. The tracks are nostalgic. It is full of synth melodies, beautiful arpeggios work. Final Departure this track in particular is all about the soothing arpeggios work. The songs are the melting pot of melodies, arpeggios, heavy riffing, blast beat oriented drumming. It’s all intricate stuff which adds variety to their music. 

This album is a bunch of tracks which are completely different from one another having variety of effect on the listener’s mind.  Listening to this album which is a mixture of melodies and black metal elements like shrieked vocals , fast tempos, tremolo picked electric guitars is a very relaxing experience . Emotionally powerful melodies on top of each other with synths that never sound contrived. 

 When isolated and put into the right arrangements, the Absence could end up being a quality listening experience.

You can stream the album either on SoundCloud or YouTube player.

Order the album :

Mist of Misery-Bandcamp-Absence 

Link to there Facebook page. :

Facebook – Mist of Misery/


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