MINNERIKET is a solo project by Stein Akslen coming striaght out of Norway. The track belongs to the upcoming album “Stjerner, speil og svartebøker”

It starts with a horror filled shriek with voices of thunder in background creating eerie filled atmosphere. Then starts those symbolic black metal drumming , errie melody and raw and primitive guitar riffs.Unholy incantations are running in the background , maintaing grim and fearful atmosphere through out the song.

It is turly unholy , sinful and punishing release. He has succeeded in achieving that signature black metal sound which is a good thing that new generation of black metal projects coming out of Norway are holding the flags high  by creating that symbolic sound. The track aims to  fill fear deep in your veins with its diabolic sound.MINNERIKET definitely knows what the subject.

The track is definitely violent and promising , I am sure so will be the album when it comes out for sure.

The single is available for download on the bandcamp page . Here is the link 

Minneriket.Bandcamp – Jætergen Single

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