Hailing from Canada, The Projectionist is 4 man dbsm/black metal band. There EP  “The Gallow Forest Eulogy” was released on august 6th , 2016 via  Appalachain Noise Records &True Plague Records.

It is 5 track EP with total run time of 32 minutes (approx). 

I will straightaway jump on to there music now : This is the result of  heavy drumming and bass guitar riffs  combined with sad riffs and depressive lyrics.They have employed slow and mid-tempo sound and the tracks are void of any abrupt changes The main theme of the  tracks are death, misery, pain and  sorrow  of human life. The sound is completely raw and are melancholic   Listening to this EP is a relaxing and depressing experience , at one time you are imagining how come they are able to come out with music like this and at the same time you are experiencing the chills it gives you. The screams are  powerful. The voice modulation varies from demonic and diabolic growls to horror filled shrieks . The growls and shrieks are filled with analogy and are  summoning the hell , the sadness and the pain which is there hidden deep inside the listeners heart and mind. The tracks are very unsettling and have one soul purpose to give you goosebumps by putting you into horror filled and depressive situations. It is totally Horror Metal music

This is not just regular black metal stuff. The band has definitely touched the new realms of dark music . It might have to  face tough time creating the fan base , since not much people are into such kind of a genre. Only time will tell what new heights the band will be able to achieve. For now give it a spin and try to indulge yourselves into the beauty of it. 

Here is the link :

The Projectionist – The Gallowforest Eulogy CD

Free streaming link :

Bandcamp -The Gallowforest Eulogy 


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