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DEFIATORY is 5 man thrash metal band from Umea ,Sweden. Their full length debut album “EXTINCT” was released on June 3rd ,2016 via Black Lion Productions.

The album consists of 8 tracks with total run time 38 minutes (approx.)

You dont expect a thrash metal band coming straight outta Sweden , which is the dominated by  Swedish Death Metal and Swedish Black Metal genre. Majority of the bands having birthplace as Sweden are into death or black metal genre. This where Defiatory takes edges.

Bands approach leans more towards the technical aspects of this genre. With “Extinct” the band is obviously trying to create/establish a style of their own. The fact which distinguishes Defiatory from other new generation thrash band is the vocals part. The vocalist has got weight in his voice; what i mean is his voice is pretty heavy . It is the kind of voice which you expect from a vocalist of death metal band. Take the satanic rasps of Tom Arya make it a little heavy and there you have it. You can witness the blood spraying growls in the track extinct to the middle of the road yet classic Rock/Metal style ( make this heavy ) in the track aeons end.

Now talking about the guitar riffs. God, they are overpowering and energizing. The guitar riffs are chunky. The twin guitars are chugging away on a really good solid fleshy meat and potatoes riffs that’s something which comes out from this band. The band has made themselves a melting point when it comes to guitar riffs because one can easily trace the influence of speed , power and death metal guitar riffs in the tracks. The guitar solos are killer as hell. The majestic guitar solos are soul moving and gut wrenching.

Talking about the drumming now. “Extinct” is high on energy and signature thrash metal drumming with a pinch of blast beats which are associated with the death metal genre. It has the power to systematically brutalize the listener.

Now the bass guitar, the album  has crazy bass runs.The bass guitar has provided the low-end sound crucial to making the music “heavy”. It is like attack of the fingers which is hard and consistent.

The music style adopted by the band has made them more easily distinguishable from the standard pack.


Here is the link :

Defiatory – Extinct CD Bigcartel

Defiatory – Extinct CD Bandcamp



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