“Evil Aggressor” is the debut album of the Chicago based trio “Lethal Shöck” which was released on July 22nd , 2016 via Witches Brew (which is a German record label)

The artwork is extreme and too radical. From the artwork only you can make out that this debut release will be powerful and riffilicious to a whole new level.

Talking about the music now: 

The album consists of 8 songs and total run time is 30min (approx). The band bas kept the length of the tracks short and has masterfully made their point by delivering the tracks right into your face. 

Although there is not much of a rhythm change in the tracks but the band has been able to create a high speed assault in tightly coordinated fashion. 

The songs are rich on bass line. The blast beats and double bass used pounds like a hammer inside the head of he listener accompanied by vocals which are nothing less than heavy , tight , voracious and complete evil.  The songs are rich on riffs too, guitar solos in particular. With all the pinch’s , hammering , shredding , guitar solos are intense and face melting and above all they melodic too (what more would one want).  The solos are magnetic and overpowering . In this one particular track “endless midnight” you would not want the guitar solo to end and  want that it goes on for eternity. This album will be a treat to your ears since it will deliver riffs afer riffs and will make you headbang and do air guitars Everytime you hear that blistering solos.

Turbo charged precusive pummeling with voracious vocal mauling and scintillating lead guitar work will leave you hungry for more.

The band has taken little bit of influence from the other genres and by using the same in different proportions has come out with a mind boggling debut album which is prolific in every aspect. There music will throw you back in time in the 80’s and 90’s era. 

This is a very promising release by the Chicago based trio “Lethal Shöck” and is definitely worth a spin.

Here is the purchase link :

Lethal Shöck – Evil Aggressor 

Bandcamp stream link: 



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