FORTERESSE – Thèmes pour la rébellion Review


You cannot expect that every human on this planet earth is aware about the existence of your band, hence  it is important to have a eye catching artwork because many times it happens that a person ends up buying the album on the basis of the cover art.

Forteresse is 4 man black metal band with its stronghold in Quebec. The Artwork  of “thèmes pour la rébellion”, their  latest release is the reason which compelled me to give it a spin and i am happy that i did.

The album art work is brutally mesmerizing with houses burning to ashes.  A terrific artwork  definitely gives one an idea about what sort of music one can expect from the album and in this case it is monstrous. This new release coincides with the  band’s 10th anniversary .

Album contains 8 tracks out of which 2 are purely instrumental and the other 6 are the purely unholy and raw in all aspects ( vocals , guitar riffs , bass guitar riffs , durms) which gives little room for breathing. After giving this album a spin , i checked out the previous releases of the band and the conclusion which i could draw was that this new release is more vengeful, epic, and wretched than the previous releases.The band has pushed the boundaries of everything they’ve done before and has forged a path which is worth taking.

The massive and dense sounding songs are faster and more aggressive than ever. The songs are blast beats oriented. The drumming is heavy , skull thumping and assaulting with the same speed as of the machine gun. Guitar riffs which are simple melodies with tremolo riffing and viper fast and agony filled. The vocals are raw , diabolic high pitched growls and are bound to give you horror filled chills. Although the songs follow one movement but at no point you will bored or feel some sort of repetition which may drive your attention away from the album.

The album creates a massive wave of destruction and massacre  in the listeners mind with gruesome vocals summoning the Lord of war and the dark forces to descend upon the planet to create a chaos. After listening to this album i have now developed a strong desire to see this album performed live.

Fortress has made  a victorious return, with the release of “Thèmes pour la Rébellion”  the band has proved yet again that they are masters when it comes to creation of black metal music . I t is an essential black metal to have on your playlist.

Here is the link

  1. Forteresse -Themes Pour La Rebellion CD



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