paganizer 2015

I was very much fascinated by the name of the EP, as a result of which i ended up buying the EP.

Paganizer is the brain child of Rogga Johansson . It is a four piece Swedish  Death Metal Band. The EP was released  on 1st Aug’16 through transcending obscurity records.

The track-listing is as under:

  1. Angry All The Time
  2. Adjacent To Purgatory
  3. The Netherwrold Carnivale
  4. On The Outskirts Of Hades

EP Clocking 14 minutes(approx) is full of brutality, which the band Paganizer is known  for. The band is producing some top notch death metal.From the very first song the listener will realize that the EP is powerful, riffilicious and has the same level of intensity as its predecessor.

The EP which is produced in absolutely blistering fashion with a frenzy seething. With power packed percussive pummeling , voracious vocal mauling , scintillating lead guitar work and death like lyrics  it is bound to leave you hungry for more. This latest offering is dominant and is soaked in the elements of darkness. This EP will  pound your skull in, track after track.

It is punishing and beautiful Swedish death metal EP , which is not at all to be missed.

Here are the links :

  1. Paganizer Bandcamp Page
  2. Paganizer- On the Outskirts Of Hades CD
  3. Paganizer T-shirt





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