Just look at the artwork! How can it not take all your attention? How can you not get a feeling of owning an album with such stunning and fierce artwork.

CARNAGE INC is Mumbai based 4 piece thrash/crossover band. There debut EP “FURY INCARNATE” will be released on  1st august’16 through transcending obscurity records. The track listing is as follows :



3.Fury Incarnate        

4.Day of Delirium  

 5. Ungod    

This latest release from the transcending obscurity  label will be thick as a brick. The classic thrash metal spirit is very well present and they deliver 22 minute of power packed utter carnage. It is thrash metal played the Indian Style , which is indeed refreshingly unusual.

The EP starts with “Dawn”, which is an instrumental number. The band has  been able to achieve or i would say they are able to strike a balance with between the beautiful acoustic guitar arpeggios and the chunky electric guitar riffs. The drumming pattern could be considered as the back bone which is holding the other sounds together.  Without a doubt i can say that even a non metal-head could enjoy such a ravishing instrumental.

Now talking about the next four songs,  The guitar riffs are chunky , heavy , muscular. The vocals-list has a powerful  voice and the vocals are flawlessly performed. Drumming is pretty impressive. The band has been taking inventiveness cues from thrash metal bands like slayer , kreator , violator. The music is fast and has all the elements which a band in this genre should possess. At some points you will experience a little bit influence of death metal as well, but have no doubt the band is deep routed to the thrash metal genre. The music is well written . The thumping drumming and the solos are add another layer to the music creating a mid paced assaults.All the four remaining tracks are high on energy , aggressive. It is like kreator with slayer style vocals, which is pretty unique and commendable.

There is no way you can keep your head still while you are listening to the CARNAGE INC.

The band has played with passion and enthusiasm all the way from start to finish. The songs definitely has and element of rebellion and anger.

The band is attempting to forge a new path in this trash metal landscape, only time will tell how successful they become.

Here are the links:

  1. Carnage Inc bandcamp page
  2. Fury Incarnate-cd
  3. Carnage Inc fan pack

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