The Indian Metal Scene is rising and it is rising fast and strong, GODLESS has proved it yet again.

Belonging to death metal genre, GODLESS is a 5 man death metal act having Hyderabad as its fortress.Its debut EP “CENTURIES OF DECADENCE” was released on 7th may’16 through transcending obscurity records.

The EP comprises of 4 songs each clocking around 4:20 minutes. The track listing is as under:

  1. Infest
  2. Ossuary
  3. Replicant
  4. Oneiros

From the first song there will be something special to listen. The lyrics  are harsh and i am pretty sure that they are the result of long brain storming sessions.  The band has been brutally honest in their lyrics which are against the sickness which the society suffers. They want the listener to be aware of the plague which is growing its roots in the society.

The growls are savage and deadly. Creating a sinister atmosphere , the ferocious growls explode an unhinged malevolence  upon the listener. The Drumming is militaristic and maniacal is bound to infuse you with power and make you head bang every time you listen to it. The blast beats fusillades upon the listener which will make him experience a torrential strength and anger. The scintillating guitar work is in no way behind the aggresive drumming and ferocious vocals when it is about brutality. The guitar riffs are powerfully infectious and the guitar solos are like a rapid gun fire which are heavy and over powering.

All in all , the band came from no where and created a superb death metal masterpiece. The songs are assaulting in tightly coordinated fashion. The music is intense from start to finish.

They  are playing with the thin line which separates technical death metal and death metal. If you have pledged your allegiance to bands like  cannibal corpse , aborted or decapitated, then you just can’t miss out on this.

Here are the links :

  1. Godless Bandcamp Page
  2. Centuries of Decadence CD



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