If you are a brutal death metal fan  then it does not matter which country you belong to, you gotta listen to “FRACTALS OF DERANGEMENT” , which is the debut EP of BIOPSY released through transcending obscurity records. The band has been formed in the undergrounds of Mumbai and is a three piece brutal death metal band.

This artwork is among the most brutal and unsettling artworks in Indian Metal Scene. A person who is probably a psychopath who is all prepared to rip your flesh and crush your bone by using the surgical equipment’s which he possess.

It is a short but brutal 16 minute EP, consisting of 5 songs clocking 3:10 minutes (approx) each,  Track listing is as follows:

  1.  Hemolytic Crisis
  2. Anatomical Reconstruction
  3. Genesis
  4. Fractals of Derangement
  5. Surgical Symmetry

The Members are completely aware of the elements which they require in order to play brutal death metal music.

‘Pain has a face and let me show it to you’ This the starting line of the first song of the album and just after it ends , starts the blood spraying growls with drumming which is bone crushing and viper fast guitar riffs.

Fractal of Derangement is the song which i like the most from this album. The drumming pattern gives you a feel of constant hammering down of the soul and crushing of bones. Also it rumbles like an earthquake inside the mind of the listener. With growls  wretched as hell and blood thirsty and savage riffs , The song creates a series of havoc inside the mind of the listener.

Each song is much more barbaric then its predecessor and creates a wave of destruction which leaves nothing more than death.   The vocals are truly agonized and have a dismantling effect. Down tuned guitars and flesh ripping drum work comes together to teleport the listener to a controlled chaos. Although the songs are short but they easily catch the attention.

Just by listening to the album, one can easily conclude that the band is all about bringing the elements of brutality together to construct one of finest releases in brutal death metal genre in Indian Metal Scene.

Here are the links :

1. Biopsy Bandcamp Page

2. Fractals of Derangement Digital Download

3.Fractals of Derangement CD

4. Fractals of Derangement T-shirt



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