PRIMITIV is 5 piece death metal band from Mumbai. Their debut album IMMORTAL & VILE was out on 1st february’16  through transcending obscurity records.

I got my hands on this beauty before the release date, since i pre-ordered the bundle (in the first week on jan’16 i guess) and when i gave the album a spin, the first thing which came to my mind was ” what a start to the new year”

The cover art of the album is spectacular and eye opening. Background in blood red with a warrior who has come to seek the blessings from his God (the supreme power) , since he is about to go for a war. How skillfully the attributes of the warrior has been depicted. KILLER ARTWORK INDEED!

The album has seven tracks . Here is the listing :

  1. Clash of the Gods
  2. World War Zero
  3. The Demon of Science
  4. Lake Rancid
  5. Dead Man’s Desert
  6. Taurus
  7. Lords of Primitiv

The first song of the album is more of an instrumental type. Although it starts with a prophecy ( heavy vocals off-course) which is accompanied by thunderous percussion’s. Then starts the keyboard melody. I would rather call it a war melody because  it gives a feeling as if  a warrior of top class who has won numerous  battles is about to enter in another war and the melody which is being played in background speaks of   warriors courage, bravery , the brutality with which he can create massacre in a war. The Keyboard work done is simply amazing and is a reminiscent of the past.

The band sounds heavy is every aspect and is holding nothing back.

I read somewhere (on Instagram i guess) that Nitin Ranjan (vocalist) is one of the top growlers of the country and after listening to the album , i can say without a doubt that yes he DAMN IS. The vocals are extreme, strong, fierce and carnivorous. In song Taurus, the way  he growled “Taurus , the lord of war” is insane and totally barbaric. Each song of the album is high on growl content.

Talking about the guitar work now. What killer riffing they have done . Guitar riffs are too heavy and are totally ripping apart the eardrums of the listener. The riffs are so heavy that they will make you headbang every time you listen to it. Riffs are both death and doom metal influenced. Which is giving a very peculiar effect to each of the song (in a good way or i should say brutal way). Like in the song Lake Rancid ,it has a rhythm which is more of a death and doom melody kind.

The guitar solos in each song are blistering and overpowering. I would not give any example, since solos in all the songs are completely worth it and i myself cannot decide which one should  i use as an example.  They are mind blasting and will definitely make you experience  a surge of vibrant energy. Every-time you hear a solo , i give you my word you wont be able to control yourself from doing an air guitar.

Talking about the bass guitars now. Well, an extra effort is required for listening a bass line in a song, but such is not the case with this album. The bass line is very heavy and in some songs it is overpowering and over shadowing other instruments.

The drumming like the other instruments is again to heavy to handle. For instance, in the song The Demon of Science, at a point of time you will think that the song is about to end but BOOM!! the spine jarring drumming  attacks you like an army of piranhas. It is brutal , head pounding and explosive

My personal favorite is TAURUS , because of its overshadowing and propulsive bass line, monstrous vocals and skull smashing drumming and burning guitar riffs.

The band has been prolific in every aspect and has been able to achieve destructive sound . The songs are technically eye popping, violent frenzy and are bound to leave you hungry for more.


Here are the links :

1.Primitiv Bandcamp

2.The Demon of Science limited edition t-shirt

3. Primitiv- immortal & vile digital download

4.Primitiv immortal & vile CD




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