I was browsing the atmospheric black metal genre in bandcamp app and that’s  how i came across this EP by Hermóðr.

EP  contains just one song, but it’s a colossal  clocking 21 minutes. Almost all of his releases talks about northern climate & nature, times of the old north. The EP will successfully teleport you into the heart of nature right from the opening seconds of the tracks and keeps you in it till it ends.

The record has a melodious and euphonious combination  of  arpeggio. All most all the songs by Hermóðr are high on snare.The record is full of raw and intense vocals. The guitar solo is very moving emphasizing on the absence of someone or something in life. The drumming pattern remains almost the same throughout the record , but don’t let this fact discourage you from giving a spin to this song. The record has been able to achieve some kind of a mysterious depth through out those 21 minutes.

It creates an aura of atmospheric majesty and you can experience a melodic run in your very veins just by listening to it.

Here is link  from where you can download the EP :

1. The Scent of Autumn


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