Hailing from the heritage city of Jaipur , Wintergate is a four piece old school death metal band. Its debut EP  Disllumination was released way back in march’12 ,but i heard it for the first time in early 2015 and i regret not writing about it then.

The EP consists of three songs of which one is instrumental . Following is the track listing:

  1. Beyond the light –  1.37 min
  2. A Wreath of Mist – 11.56 min
  3. Death’s Embrace – 12.30 min

It starts with “beyond the light”. Being completely opposite of what one would expect on old school death metal record , this song is a pure bliss. It is a beautiful melancholy, which is a treat to listener’s ears. Capturing the solitude of life, it will send you back in time and make you introspect of what has gone by.

When you are completely immersed and engulfed by the beauty of opening track and then all of a sudden BOOM! , the second song begins with a turbo charged drumming which will infuse you with power. The song consists of more than one majestic and mesmerizing guitar solos ( two in particular 1:55-2.20 and 4.10-4:41). The combination of guitars riffs is perfect. The growls are monstrous and intense . Every time when there is a change in a rhythm the song becomes more heavy in every aspect. But, the ending of the song is pretty dramatic since the song is given an Opeth style ending rather than a Bolt Thrower type ending which listener would be expecting.

The last song of the EP is “Death’s Embrace” . The beginning is high on distorted guitar riffs , with full of spark filled  pinches at regular intervals. The song is a combination of head pounding drumming , sinuous guitar riffs and tyrannical vocals. The soofer acoustic part completely takes the listener by surprise.

Each song is very strong standing alone and impressive. The band has been very innovative in its style.The  rhythm change in the songs is completely out of the box and astonishing. The effort which the band has put in developing those mammoth riffs is bewildering.  They have used different music styles in each of their song but have kept roots steadfast to the old death metal style (except the first song). Leaving the 1st song of EP aside , the other two songs are a mix of fast and slow riffs which are heavy with momentum , aggression and are straight neck breakers.

Here is the link to buy the EP:

  1. Wintergate Bandcamp
  2. Wintergate T-shirt




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