I would be surprised, if this gruesome artwork does not attract your attention and peak an interest in the music.

Emerging like a predatory beast in underground , STRANGULATE; a two piece band from the city of Kolkata (India) are producing monstrous music.

The album talks about the journey of mad pain filled psychopath who’s soul aim is to inflict torture, pain, chaos which he went through in his childhood upon everyone.

The journey starts with BARBARIC DECADENCE. It starts on a slow note with slight over driven guitar and then bang! it picks up speed in no time. With macabre growls accompanied with gut wrenching guitars and turbo filled drumming, it will give you horrific chills.

The band has been inventive and has achieved the cacophony of disturbing and destructive sound  in each of its song. One can easily determine  the intensity of torture which the psychopath has inflicted on the human race and the grief which he has suffered from the pounding drums and wrenching vocals.

The album rips hell. With filthy riffs , horrid vocals and  merciless drumming  this is journey not for the weak.

If you ask me, then it is one of finest raw death metal which is coming out of India. Not many are capable of achieve this massive wave of destruction , which they have achieved .

The behemoth of this album is the last song, which is “CATACOMBS OF DECAY” clocking near to 6 min. The song leads you to the massive torture room , where you are the silent spectator witnessing the atrocious and ghastly massacre which has lead to an end of the human race and the misanthrope

The album has been craved out beautifully and his filled with raw energy . With solid vocals, viral riffs and vicious drumming this album definitely deserves a spin.

Here are the links :

1.  Stragulate CD

2. Strangulate CD – Bandcamp


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