SEEDNA new release FORLORN is a perfect example of dark ambient music.

The album has a  “dark” or dissonant feel, bottom-heavy sounds such as deep drones, gloomy male screams, echoing thunder. It has an eerie feel.

This is one of my favorite album in this genre because it takes listener through a journey , a journey of a soul which has been in pain for an eternity. The music is full of agony and grief. There are faster sections emphasizing on the darkness , then there are slower sections which make the listener feel every bit of agony as the screams of the vocalist are completely pain stricken  and  then a introspective section.

Every song has all the three sections. Only the quantum of these sections vary. The band has given a special consideration to the beinging and the ending of each song, since the ending notes of a previous song are the starting notes  of the new one. If you don’t check your player as for which song is being played you might as well not know it when the new song begins.

The arrangement of songs is pretty perfect, with a wander clocking 22  minutes and O clocking just 2 minutes.

I like the way how band has used different instruments to develop an ambient atmosphere. The overall feeling is of agony , pain and sadness.

The vocalist plays the main part , since he is the one who issues piercing  cries expressing extreme emotion or pain. The errie and pain stricken  cries and use of ritual instruments gives a fearful effect .

On an overall note, i would say it with a doubt that Seedna has proven once again that they are the masters of this genre.




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